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Moms Try: What Our Moms are Sampling

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets

This sampling is now closed.

If you’re looking for a convenient, high-performance auto dishwashing soap that’s good for the planet, look no further! Consider Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets your secret weapon for consistently clean (and green!) dishes—and you can get them free for you and your mom group. Ecover’s Automatic Dishwasher Tablets are phosphate-free, biodegradable, never tested on animals, and safe for septic tanks.

Ecover turns 30 years old this year. They’ve had some time to figure this “green” cleaning thing out—and to produce refreshingly effective cleaners for every corner of your home. Maybe you think you need the crazy chemicals to really get your hom and clothes clean, but Ecover knows how to do it with powerful plants and minerals. Give them your worst, and they’ll give you their best: State of the art, clean-running factories that churn out awesomely good cleaners. You can feel safe having Ecover around, and trust that they’ll never go against their nature.

Finding Green Cleaners that WORK Webinar


For Mom Ambassadors Only

This sampling was available to Mom Ambassadors by invite only.

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  • Anonymous

    Hello, we checked our records and we did receive your feedback. Thanks for checking in!

  • Ollawrob

    Everyone has been raving about how great these tabs are! The ladies in my group were really excited about trying these, and were very surprised by how great they work.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there. Please email your name and address to so we can look into this issue for you.

  • Ecomama33

    Our ladies loved these handy tabs! They made easy work of dirty dishes. I want to give our feedback however, I am unable to locate the link to do so. I usually receive an email with a link, but I’m eager to provide our feedback. If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.

  • HepV

    I got our samples last Friday and we love them.
    I used them over the weekend and hand them out at our play group. Waiting to hear back from all the moms (Wednesday). We love this opportunity to sample these and am so glad I found Moms Meet!!!

  • Anonymous

    Please email this request to so we can get you that link.

  • desertdiana

    My group loved the Ecover tablets. I love it when we are motivated to
    try something new and it actually works. Green + great performance =

  • Anonymous

    Hi Martha, you should be receiving the tote bag soon!

  • Kristina Nunez

    My mommy group and family were really impressed with the tablets. They weren’t expecting much since they are a green product. I’m a fan of this product. Hopefully they can be sold locally.

  • Blessed0110

    Still waiting on my tote bag as well but the ladies in my group loved the samples I gave them to try last week.  I was pleasantly with the product as well.  Not a lot works in our old dishwasher but these tabs did.

  • Bingodreamer40

    my group loved the tablets. They were really pleased with how well they worked. We try to teach our children by example how important green products are. I also recieved a stain cleaner, and it worked very good on spots. I have gotten positive feedback from the parents in my group.  

  • Sw-313

     WOW!! These worked great everyone loved them.Thank you

  • Animalcookie12

    Everyone in my group loved the dishwasher tablets by Ecover! Thanks for letting us sample the product. 

  • dusti

    The Dishwasher soap and the stain remover are awesome  The dishwasher soap is just as good if not better than the leading brands out there
    We were excited how well it worked and the stain remover really works on tough grease

  • perla

     I received my samples on Monday just in time for our monthly meet.  WOW is all I have to say.  I absolutely love this product and intend on ordering from their website right away.  The stain remover works wonders!!!  I was very thrilled to share this with my group!!  SO far I have recieved nothing but positive feedback from the mommies and daddies in the group.  Several of us plan to buy from thier website.  Thank you so much for the oportunity to let me share this great product with others!!!

  • Mari95flores

    I need to start off by saying the girls LOVED them. I submitted the survey today but not sure it took my info. It mentioned something about redirecting the URL? How do I verify that? Anyone know? Thx ahead of time. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hi — if you could please send an email to we can answer your specific questions.

  • martha

    Still loving ecover especially the stain remover. My group meeting moms went ahead and bought more from their website. Thanx again :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Shanna — if you still haven’t received your dishwasher tablets, please email us at

  • Catieshafer

    We are loving these! I have tried a different of eco detergent tablets and they left a powdery residue. These do not! All of the moms have already used their coupons to get more tablets and are hooked!

  • Breeze

    I have just resupplied my home with Ecover dishwashing tablets and laundry products.  Thanks for having my group try this great product.  I have only heard good results from my group.  (I did the survey a while ago)

  • Anonymous

    Hi, you should have received the survey link along with your acceptance email. Please email so we can help you with this issue.

  • Teresa

    These tablets are amazing!!!  They don’t have all the harsh chemicals my former brand has.  They fit in everyone’s dishwasher with no problem!!  I have had fantastic feedback from all my Moms.

  • Arhoads

    great product

  • JLF78

    Great product!  Has definitely exceeded my expectations, as well as the expectations of the rest of my  group members.  Thanks for the opportunity to try this out!

  • 1SwtWrld

    These are the best my group loved these, and we discussed turning more and more stuff green, hopefully they will soon change everything into helping the enviorment…but love these dishwashing tabs…thanks.

  • Stacie

    I enjoyed sharing these tablets with my friends and family.  I wasn’t sure how well they would work, but was pleasantly surprised.  Great product!  Will definitely look for these..

  • Bethoola

    I submitted my survey as well today and it gave me the same message once I submitted my answers.  I hope that it got to the correct place!  We LOVED the Ecover tablets!!!

  • Thegreengirl

    The cleaning power and shine is awesome, I’m just not a fan of the residue the tablet leaves in my dishwasher.

  • cathy5boys

    I loved how you could recycle the little plastic sleeve each tablet was packaged in as well!

  • tgerine

    I was very surprised at how clean my dishes were after using the ecover tablets. They really do the job right the first time!!

  • Cw8247

    Just in awe at how well these dish-washing tablets work!  Everyone I know who has tried them all say the same thing.  Very impressed.  Thank you for letting our group try these out!

  • Amandablische

    I just held my 1st sampling party with my fellow moms and it was soooooo much fun! We sampled the o organic banana puffs with our kids. I had so much fun! And i think this product looks amazing. Looking forward to my next “moms meet ” party

  • Mom

    Would be interesting to try.

  • letitroll

    will have to try these!

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