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Moms Meet 101: Reasons you might be declined from sample programs

Recently, many Mom Ambassadors have asked us why they keep getting declined for sample programs. While sample program size limits mean we can’t always accept everyone who applies, many Mom Ambassadors are automatically declined because they’ve incorrectly filled out a portion of their application. When applying for future sample programs, keep in mind that our system will automatically filter out applications containing the following:

Missing email address or incorrect email address

We notify MAs who’ve been accepted into a sample program by email—so if you don’t supply an address, we can’t get in touch with you.

Different email address

Be sure to apply with the email address you used when you applied to become a Mom Ambassador, since that’s the address we have in our system. If you use a different address, our system won’t recognize you as a Mom Ambassador.

P.O. boxes

Unfortunately, we cannot ship sample packages to P.O. boxes. Please supply a street address.

Incorrect country

Currently, the Mom Ambassador program is only available in the United States.

Not agreeing to terms and conditions

Be sure to click “yes” to indicate that you agree to our terms and conditions. If you click “no,” we can’t accept you.

Not agreeing to review the products

Of course, if you’re applying to sample a product, you want to review it! Be sure to avoid clicking “no” by accident.


We always check the email addresses of applicants to ensure Mom Ambassador status, and automatically decline any applicants who aren’t Mom Ambassadors. If you’re not already a Mom Ambassador, apply to become one before applying for future sample programs. If you are a Mom Ambassador, be sure to click “yes”!

  • Heather Shockley

    Darn, we didn’t get picked. Maybe next time :) I hope you mamas who are sampling this give us lots of reviews to read, I am very interested to see what you all think! :D Enjoy your sampling!

  • cherb233

    I have applied for several things and am always denied…the moms in my group and I are becoming frustrated :(

  • Pam Havens

    I have done all of that too, I have been declined twice.

  • Colette

    Same here.

  • Maryah

    I just got picked for my first sampling and am sooo excited. I thought I had done something wrong when signing up but just had to wait my turn :) Thank you!!

  • Debra Gordon

    I do all those things right get declined every time.Kind of depressing cause I really wanted in the Zevia soda one for my group.. starting to give up on sampling anything with them

  • Ronni

    I have been a member for about six months, have applied for over 7 and got nothing for my group. I have done everything correctly.

  • lunia

    I hope its not because I don’t post picturesy group and I don’t wamt pictures taken for security reasons for our kids and us… Hope it does not affect the reason why were.or were not chosen for sampling opportunities

  • Janice

    I’m always being turned down, out of countless applications filled out, I have only been chosen for two. I fill out the applications correctly and do give feedback in an appropriate time. Don’t know what the problem is, maybe location?

  • Laura

    I like getting my invitations. It makes me feel ‘special’. : ) Lately I haven’t fit the criteria I guess. I do always submit my group pictures and surveys etc. We enjoy trying new things and being part of this sampling program. It has helped all of my group members transition to ‘organic’ ‘eco’ friendly products. I was reading thru the comments and I hope that the ‘freebie’ comments are not correct because that would not be right. There are too many legit groups out here who enjoy doing what we do. So Thanks Moms Meet for all the invites and I will keep on trying as long as you keep inviting. : )

  • Rachel

    I have be declined on everyone I have signed up for too! Guess this isn’t for my group?!

  • Tina

    I haven’t been allowed or accepted rather, to smle another product due to an unforseen torrential rainpour right after my meet group began. Who wants thier photo taken in a shower?!!!!

  • Kathy Huffman

    I have been attending the webinars, my info is current, and I would like to sample the products, but Im not gonna waste my time if they keep sending me denial emails.

  • Terry Barker

    Same here I have not been in one Program.

  • leanne curry

    Ive applied for every single one as well and have been declined for all of them. None of the above applies to me, as I make sure I fill in all the correct information every time! getting bummed :(

  • Elizabeth Towns

    I feel better knowing that even though I have done all of the suggested things in this post, and have been denied for sampling opportunities, I am not alone. I will just keep applying until I am approved! Then I will do the happy dance and invite my friends over for a nice little event!

  • Newmemberwaitingforsamplestoo

    I don’t think that’s true at all, you still have to sign up and wait for approval. There are no free sites that let you get the freebies offered from moms meet without becoming a member. Everyone had to go through the same membership process as you. Perhaps now there are just more members reviewing products to choose from.

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Brandy and Michelle. You can both email us at and we can check into your accounts.

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Brandy. You can email us at and we will check into your account for you.

  • Sassycoupondiva Bradley

    I just wanted to say Thank you to you Moms Meet for everything that you do for us.

  • Autumn~Bloggin Momma

    I have gotten denied everytime until today! Hang in there yall! I was getting frustrated aswell but now I know that I just have to sit calm and wait my turn :-)

  • Autumn~Bloggin Momma

    Me too! I just for accepted for my first sampling as a Mom Ambassador aswell! I’m very excited and can’t wait to tell my moms!

  • siddiquee1

    I don’t understand why i am never picked for any of the food or drink samples .….…..

  • Amber

    I used to get chosen a lot but now I am declined every time

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. Only the Mom Ambassador (you) has to fill out the survey information. You collect the groups general consensus about the product at your meeting, then you fill out the survey. If you aren’t receiving invites, please email us at so we can check into your account.

  • Mom

    All helpful tips to keep in mind. Thanks.

  • emmycole

    Yup, 90% of us moms refuse to have our kiddos photographed for security reasons as well. We have several moms who refuse to have photos out there of themselves. It really is a shame we have to be so careful in today’s world. Here’s to hoping we can make some changes with our Mom’s Meet groups!

  • Crystal Porter

    These are some good tips to keep in mind. I really enjoy being a Mom Ambassador.

  • Chelsi Thibodeaux

    Can’t wait to try some products with my moms!

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