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Moms Try: What Our Moms are Sampling

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food Purée Pouches

This sampling is now closed.

Introducing nutritious, delicious and convenient foods for your baby—from a brand you trust. Earth’s Best Organic® Baby Food Purée Pouches are fortified with a unique blend of 25% Daily Value antioxidant vitamins A and E and Zinc. Each pouch contains 2 to 3 grams of fiber and 45% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C per pouch serving.

Earth’s Best Organic® Baby Food Purée Pouches are available in nine mouth watering varieties and great for all stages including 1st foods for babies ages 4 months and older; 2nd foods for babies ages 6 months and older; 3rd foods for babies ages 9 months and older.

For Mom Ambassadors Only

This sampling was available to Mom Ambassadors by invite only.

If you’d like to become a Mom Ambassador, click here to apply.

  • Alicia Rosa

    I am so excited that I got pick to try this out. I can’t wait to try this out!

  • Barbie

    I just got an invite to try this product. I’m super excited!!

  • Julie Morrison-Batchos

    I just found out I got selected for this. My group members are super excited! I’ve downloaded all the information and we are all eagerly awaiting our delivery. Thanks for the opportunity to share this with my group and their amazing little ones. I know they will love your product as much as we do.

  • Mungee’s Ma

    I’m so excited to have been chosen for this sampling program and look forward to sharing with my group!

  • amber

    yeah! i was invited! anyone know how long it takes for them to ship them?

  • Gina

    So excited for these samples to arrive!

  • ashley norris

    Yay! Me and my group are so excited that we got invited to try this. It is our first sampling party opportunity and we cannot wait to get started and send our feedback. Thank you Earth’s Best and Moms meet for this amazing opportunity :)

  • Ashley Montgomery

    Would love to try this. Ive seen it stores but never bought it. my daughter is 18 months and loves to feed her self like big girl. Hope my group and I can try it.

  • shay

    I can’t wait to get our package! All our moms are really excited about this one, some like me really love the earth’s best brand but none of us have tried this product yet. Thank you for choosing us!

  • Cathy

    My baby loves Earth’s Best products and I purchase them regularly for her. I was so hopeful to get in this sampling.….:( oh well, as I really believe in this product, I shall continue to purchase. Enjoy your Mom’s Group sampling! :)

  • stef

    these are so yummy! my kids and I eat them all the time!

  • organicallyhatched

    Thanks for sharing information about organic baby

  • shay

    I have been checking the earths best page every day, at our moms group bequest! We are So excited to try this! Did I mention I Love Earth’s best brand? lol

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. You should be receiving invitation emails to sample products, and you apply from there. If you aren’t receiving invitation emails, you can email and we can look into your account.

  • lovesamples

    Too bad I didn’t get accepted to try this with my group.…well, theres always other products..

  • ashleynorris

    Hello! I was invited to try this about a month ago but it still tells me that it has not shipped. Is there something else I am supposed to do before it ships? Sorry this is mine and my moms groups first sampling opportunity so I am not 100% sure what else I am supposed to do before they will ship it. Thank you

  • Cassie Farnsworth

    I am wondering when I should plan our group get together… anyone know when we should expect the Earth’s Best Organic® sampling kits to arrive? My moms need some advance notice, lol! TY! :)

  • Amber

    I am planning on moving to a rural area soon and was wondering what your policies are if I have a PO Box?

  • Shaylin Orta

    Yeah, I got the same message. I have done this a couple of times before and it has always shipped pretty quickly so I was wondering the same thing?!

  • Shaylin Orta

    I just sent a message to moms meet inquiring on the shipping dates. We were have the same issue in knowing when to plan our party. I will keep you updated, and I am sure our friends at moms meet will update us when they know anything! =p

  • Catherine Little

    When is this stuff suppose to ship? They want feedback by January 6th but this is the holiday season so they need to give us time to schedule a meeting.….plus I am excited and feel like I have been waiting forever!

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Catherine. The shipments just went out, so you should receive your package within the next few weeks.

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. The shipments just went out, so you should receive your package within the next few weeks!

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Shaylin. The shipments just went out, so you should receive your package within the next few weeks!

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Andrea, the shipments just went out so you can expect your package within the next few weeks!

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Amber, unfortunately our program does not ship to PO Boxes.

  • Shaylin Orta

    They just posted that the packs have shipped! YAY!! So you should get it before Dec. 14th

  • Regina M Key

    Woo hoo!!!! I think my package will be arriving in the next two days!! I can barely wait!!

  • divya joseph

    I got my package today..and it is great..Really great…This is the first time i am trying the earth’s best brand…Thanks

  • Rose Inlow

    We held our sample/share on December 1st. It was a huge success. Even the mom’s tried some of the flavors and loved them. We had one adorable kiddo that is a non-crawler give crawling a try to get at the yummy food! And how great were the enclosed brochure/coupons?!? Our group loved them because they detailed so much and it was so informative. We did wish for more variety, but what mom doesn’t when it comes to a great product for you kid? It was a wonderful opportunity to be chosen to sample Earth’s Best and I personally have stocked up and know that my other mommas will too.

  • Jennifer Wiegand

    Just wondering if the packages are still supposed to come with the lotion, as mine and several others did not. Was hoping to give it away as a door prize at next weeks meeting!

  • gmafussy

    I am a grandma of a one year old, would love to try these

  • Wendy Vor

    I held my meet on sunday along with my son’s birthday and it turned out great. Although there was little rain, everyone managed to make it. They were surprised to see Earth’s best products for samples. It was a great idea. Thank you

  • Krista Jean

    These look so easy to use. I love it!

  • Janet Horwith

    The Mommy’s in my group would love to have their little one’s try these terrific products. We also have a few senior ladies who cannot chew solid food and these products would be ideal for them.

  • Maxx

    Me too, I would love to try.

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. You can submit your photos at

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. Please email us at so we can look into this for you.

  • karnicsha

    my son loves this, but my 5 year old loves it even more lol

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Anna. You can also submit photos at

  • zt

    I hope to try this for my baby :)

  • Amanda

    I received my package in the mail, and the daycare kids were so excited to try these. Even the toddlers had to try, gone in two days and lots of happy kids! I love these and will be buying from now on to serve at my daycare. Love the ingredients, flavors, and the nutritional content.

  • Moms Meet

    Hi Janice. Did you use the same email address associated with your Mom Ambassador account? If you didn’t your completed survey won’t register with your account which will cause a reminder email. For more information you can email us at

  • paduaitaly

    I am so anxious to find products without GMOs. This would make me feel so much better about what I feed my child.

  • Shannon Nicole

    Although any mom would prefer to feed their baby breast milk, there are circumstances that do not allow everyone to do so. I am stuck in that boat. So, I went on a quest to find the next best thing, organic formula. My son has been on Earth’s Best formula since he was one week old and has no problems at all.

  • Tammy Howard

    I think this would be good for my 2 year old. She is a tube feed baby and we are slowly introducing food into her mouth, but so far we havent found and that she like, but i do believe that she would eat this.

  • Fran

    Healthy babies grow to up to be healthy adults

  • Toni

    I would love to be invited for this. I like the Earth’s Best brand and I think they are very trustworthy as a product I would give my daughter.

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