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Moms Try: What Our Moms are Sampling


This sampling is now closed.

Itchy skin is never fun, but neither is the relief that comes from steroid-powered creams and gels. TriCalm offers powerful relief for burning, itching and stinging caused by bug bites, poison ivy, athlete’s foot and rashes caused by soaps, detergents, cosmetics or jewelry. A steroid-free anti-itch gel, TriCalm works on contact to help alleviate discomfort associated with minor skin irritations.


For Mom Ambassadors Only

This sampling was available to Mom Ambassadors by invite only.

If you’d like to become a Mom Ambassador, click here to apply.

  • Tovnapol

    I didn’t thnk about using it for eczema. What a fantastic idea :)

  • Karen Mc

    living in the south where bugs and environmental issues cause itching and stressed skin especially for the little ones and I know I dont want to put or use chemicals on the childrens skin. This could quite possibly be what we have been looking for.

  • F. TRACY


  • Emily

    My son has mild psoriasis but it bothers him especially in colder months. My daughter has very sensitive skin with dry patches that have been bothering her as well I would LOVE to try this.

  • Heather Henderson

    I wonder if this would work well for after shaving as well as future skin issues my 2 month old daughter will face. This sounds like something the whole family could use!

  • Monica

    My 3 year old daughter has eczema and she hates it. I would love to try this product. I currently use Aveeno Baby eczema. I’ve tried other all natural eczema products but they did not work for my daughter.

  • kimberly3

    I would love to be apart of this opportunity my 2 Nefues have eczema

  • Carol Naes

    looking forward to trying this TY

  • Shelly Philips

    I am excited to try TriCalm and share with my friends…

  • Holly Pitsch-Russo

    I am so excited to try this — my youngest has a couple eczema patches and a friends child has full body excema! This is going to be amazing for our boys! :-)

  • Kristina Recalde

    This is absolutely perfect. My 3 yr. recently broke out with a bad episode of eczema and I am always on the look out for something new and innovative.

  • Felicita Classen

    So excited to try this!!! Both my 4 year old and my almost 7 month old have eczema!

  • Cathy

    Yea! I am in the TriCalm anti-itch gel sampling! This is great as my daughter suffers from eczema and many of my mom friends children do as well. It’s gonna be a great Mom’s group sampling for TriCalm! :)

  • Tempestt

    Yeah I am really excited to try a new way to relieve dry skin with my little one.

  • HM

    Thanks for choosing us for the sampling, I’m super excited about this — we have several kids with itchy skin issues both in my family and in our group — parents will be excited to try out TriCalm!

  • Shelli S.

    Half of my jamily has eczema and we are excited to try this. I can’t wait this wpuld be my first sampling.

  • Lovesamples SampleTime

    I can’t wait to try this with my group, since its my first invite!!

  • disqus_wyNEuWEvWh

    Great timing! With the winter weather, this couldn’t come at a better time! People traveling, weather taking it’s toll on the skin, now I can offer some relief to those who need it the most! Thank you!

  • shanika

    so excited to try this with my group this will also be great for my daughter to try .

  • Rhonda Brown

    I am hoping we get picked. My daughter has really bad excema and has really sensitive skin.

  • Marcy Schultz

    So excited to try this. My daughter has eczema and with winter coming it gets worse.


    Excited we were picked!

  • Debra Ann Elliott

    Glad we were picked. My eight year old is all the time getting into poison ivy and oak.

  • GayAnn Wright

    Thank You for choosing me to host this sampling. My family has problems with dry itchy skin and eczema. I know a lot of people with really sensitive skin so this will be good for them to try out.

  • mammakim

    I would love to try a new product that is great for sensitive skin and getting rid of burning and itching easily.

  • laurie

    This is a great ointment to keep in the glove box of your car, I find we use it alot when were are away from home.

  • Sarah

    Yay! Today I received my package of TriCalm samples for my group of moms! We can’t wait to get together and test our samples!

  • Angela Hill

    The TRICALM webinar was very informative. I took many notes to share with my group.

  • michael dejesus

    My son skin cleared up big time the smell for the cream realy bad

  • lovesamples

    I just received my sampling package today and I can’t wait til my meeting so all of us can try tricalm! I will be back after I’ve tried it. Thanks Moms meet! :)

  • Jill Williams Penta

    Glad we were picked to host this sampling, our group meets saturday, can’t wait for everyone to try this product.

  • Theresa Torrence Allen

    I learned a lot from the recorded webinar. Thanks. I’m itching to try the sample.

  • Lori Alcorn

    Wow this is such a fantastic product I just had to do a blog post and video review for it on my blog here is a link to the blog post and video review

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. There was a delay in shipping, you should be receiving your package soon. Most likely by the end of the week.

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. You can email us at and we will track your package.

  • prish

    great product, totally loved it, my son applies it on his knees ‚that are extremely dry & itchy.He rated it a 10 on 10…my group members also liked it when they tried it on dry skin or eczema areas. It is definitely something to keep in your medicine box

  • Cathe

    This product works great! I received a sample of TriCalm and used it on a burn that I had on my finger. It completely relieved the burning pain! I highly recommend this product!

  • Sandy

    This stuff works really fast and feels so good.

  • Jenny Smith

    i shaved my legs today and they were stinging and burning … used the tricalm … and wow ! it really works …

  • Linda

    Kids are always having some skin ailment. Would love to try this for rashes and allergy reactions, even those pesty bug bits

  • djdevil33

    I love this !! it works well

  • elena

    Had this sample and loved it, living in state of Georgia it is must have. Very effective product, provides immediate relief, and I have very thin, easily irritated skin.

  • Fran

    Looks so gentle and effective

  • letitroll

    helpful item to have at home

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