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Moms Try: What Our Moms are Sampling

O Organics Salad Bowls

This sampling is now closed.

New O Organics Salad Bowls provide a healthy and delicious meal for moms on the go or at work. Plus, since it’s certified organic, you know it’s free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, GMOs, and anything artificial. With delicious flavors like Caesar, Southwestern, Cranberry Walnut and Baby Spinach—your family will love the taste, and you’ll like knowing that it’s good for them.

Mom Ambassadors selected to sample this product will receive O Organics Salad Bowls for your group members to try. Plus, more O Organics products as a thank you for hosting!

For Mom Ambassadors Only

This sampling was available to Mom Ambassadors by invite only.

If you’d like to become a Mom Ambassador, click here to apply.

  • Vanesaceiba79

    Incredible taste and right portions, loved it!!!

  • ma

    They are really great.

  • ma

    They are really tasty and convenient.

  • ma

    These would be perfect with lunch.

  • ma

    Organic and tasty salads.

  • ma

    Great varieties available.

  • ma

    These are so great on the go.

  • ma

    Convenient as a snack, or small meal.

  • ma

    They are very tasty.

  • ma

    And so quick and convenient.

  • ma

    Great flavors and some even with meat.

  • smoinpour

    These sound delicious!!

  • RM

    These salad bowls look awesome, and very healthy. We will love to sample it definitely.

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