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A Breath of Fresh (Indoor) Air

What do you get when superhot summer temps force you to close your home’s windows and spend more time inside? Greater exposure to the unhealthy chemicals emitted from furniture, textiles, and conventional cleaning products. These small tweaks from Marilyn Black, Ph.D., founder of the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, make cleaning your home’s air a breeze. Clean green […]

Plants: The Ultimate Natural Cleaner

In our research at Ecover we are always pleased to see examples of the sustainable relationship between humans and nature. Like in our ability to coexist with plants: It’s fascinating that we breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2–and plants do the opposite. It’s the perfect marriage, except perhaps for excesses of the industrial age, driving […]

Take the Bottled Water Challenge

We all know that bottled water has become a fixture in our daily lives, but sadly it’s at our environment’s expense. Let’s look at some truths about using bottled water, it’s cost, it’s wastefulness, and the serious impact it is making on our world. The bottled water industry is a very big business. Some companies’ expensive environmental-themed ad […]

PlantPlastic Packaging

At Ecover, we’ve always been ones to do things a little differently. And although we’re anything but superficial, our latest breakthrough proves it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Like you, we recognize that plastic packaging is a major problem—not only does it clutter up your home, the plastic is made from crude oil. It’s […]

Meet Ecover

We’re Ecover. The short version goes something like this: We’re over 30 years old now, which means we’ve had some time to figure out what green cleaning is all about–but it also means we’ve had ample time to produce refreshingly effective cleaners for every corner of your home. While we’re dying to give you all the […]

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