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Moms Try: What our moms are sampling

Learn about Ecover

Get to know Ecover, and learn more about how you can help the environment by using plant-based cleaners and fewer resources.

Ecover HE Laundry Powder ZERO Get clothes clean without fragrances, optical brighteners or phosphates, thanks to Ecover’s new HE Laundry Powder ZERO. Learn more

Ecover Laundry Liquid Concentrate ZERO Ecover Laundry Liquid Concentrate ZERO tackles your heaps of dirty laundry—with only a fraction as much product as compared to conventional detergents. Learn more

How can you keep your home clean and green? Kipling Wagner, Ecover’s Marketing Director, gets the scoop from eco-friendly designer, Robin Wilson. Check out the video for great tips on how to make kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and more sparkle—the eco-friendly way!

We all want to use products that are healthier for the planet—but how can you know which green cleaning products will actually get the job done? Watch KIWI College’s Ecover webinar to find out!

  • Jessica Preston

    i hope to try this with my group also.

  • disqus_lHQKfJTzig

    Would love to try this detergent!

  • lala gatlin

    i would love to try ecover me and my kids have sensitive skin issues and i know some of the neighborhood moms kids have the same issue so please let me try the ecover and introduce it to the neighborhood moms group.

  • roo

    This would be the PREFECT way to start our group!

  • patty

    I’m sad i didn’t get picked for this one i really wanted to try it but maybe next time

  • Carmelita

    I received an e-mail saying I was choosen, I came to the link & it gave me my info. That was on the 6th of this month, does it usually take this long to send out. I am asking because I have had issues with my mail going to the neighbors & unfortunately I do not get it from them. So, jsut wanted to know if it maybe hasn’t been mailed yet, because now when I go to the site, there is no info for me there :(

  • Sugar344

    I would love to try this

  • Crystal

    I would love for my group and I too sample and review…

  • Lucyr

    I got this box from Moms meet with packets of this detergent for myself and for my group. Must say, very very impressive! I used few packs already and they really wash well. It’s got fresh smell & my clothes came out spotless! Thanks gain…also or the bunch of coupons coz I am definitely going to buy this product!

  • heather0503

    I am so happy with this soap. It got my kids stains out so well. Will be using this from now on!!!

  • Michalle

    My group loved this product! We were very pleased with the cleaning power of this wonderful detergent!! We was quite amazed that even though this had no scent,how clean the laundry came out smelling! Thank you for letting us be a part of this sampling event!

  • Amanda C.

    Our group tried it and we are proud to report that our clothes are clean as ever and no one had to worry about breakouts. This is good because many of the children from the group have Excema so that is always a worry for us.

  • Katie

    My Group has Loved this product!!! Not only did they try to laundry soup many went out to try some of Ecover’s other products! My friend who has a little boy who is very sick loved how safe it was.

  • savitha

    Me and my group loved it . we have a group of moms having infants and they were very much interested in trying out an organic product . It was fun :) thanks to moms meet …

  • Lois R. Gilbert

    love ecover zero. Excited to receive the sample box and distribute to my group. the light fresh smell is amazing. My 2yr old daughters white blanket was fresh and clean and ready for her to cuddle with for her nap.


    would luv to try this

  • La Verne M Parker

    we would love to try this product!

  • Cathymarie

    I had my mom’s group party a couple of weeks ago and it was a definite hit with my mom friends! So many are now using Ecover ZERO as it really does clean our clothing so well and leaves a crisp and fresh scent. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to share this great laundry detergent, Ecover ZERO, with my mom friends. Ecover now has many more likes as my mom friends are telling their friends and family how great Ecover cleans and is great even for sensitive skin and baby’s clothing. I couldn’t be happier with Ecover!

  • @shley

    I revieved my samples of the liquid soap a few weeks ago and shared with my group. They absolutely LOVED this product! Can’t wait to try more products! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Moms Meet!

  • Tamara

    My last job I worked for our county’s environment division and was responsible for teaching residents about “green” alternatives. I’m so happy to see that there are more and more companies making green cleaning alternatives! I’d love for my group to try this product.

  • Heather Henderson

    My mom friends and I are on the never ending serach for the perfect detergent / cleaning solution that gives us the best of both worlds: clean clothes and happy babies!

  • Charm McElheney

    I am allergic to most laundry soaps this looks special I would like to try a sample

  • sjsmall

    I loved the samples I recieved. I shared them with my friends, I am sorry to say they do not sell this product in any of my local grocery stores.

  • michelle

    i really loved this product. it washed my clothes very well. i wasn’t too crazy over the smell but i still liked it. me and my group would love to buy this but they do not sell this product in any of my local grocery stores.

  • Ladywolf85

    I’ve never tried this before! I’d love to sample this with my girls!

  • disqus_oJ9qQboLxG

    i need to send a email to moms meet i am a member my computer has been down for two months,i need to email them to start sampling again

  • Moms Meet

    Hi there. Our email address is please contact us with any questions.

  • Anna Pierce

    i have never heard of this product. I live in NH what stores is this available at? would be great to try :)

  • miyuyang

    would love to try this product. My group of friends will love this too

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