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Mom Ambassadors

Become a Mom Ambassador Today!

The Mom Ambassador Program is a network of confident, charismatic, and commited moms who are enthusiastic about parenting and green living. Now, there’s two great ways to get involved.

Mom Ambassador GroupMom Ambassadors lead groups of parents in dicussion meetings, and act as ambassadors to present topics, products, and services that they think would be valuable to the parents in their communities.

Being a Mom Ambassador is a great way to:

  • learn more about raising healthier kids
  • meet new friends
  • receive free products and services for your group to review
  • receive a Mom Ambassador Gift just for you
  • be a voice for your community and influence green products and services

Ready to be an official Mom Ambassador?

Apply to become a Mom Ambassador

Become a Mom Ambassador Blogger

Mom Ambassador Bloggers receive green product samples to try and review on their blogs. Often, they also receive additional product to give away to their readers.

Being a Mom Ambassador Blogger is a great way to:

  • Join a network of green-minded parents
  • Receive free products and services to review
  • Promote your blog and expand your readership

Ready to be a Mom Ambassador Blogger?

Apply to become a Mom Ambassador Blogger

  • Brittany Payne

    New Mom Ambassador looking forward to getting to know everyone and start my own little group in my town : )

  • cheryl

    I just wanted to say thanks to MOMS MEET for letting me be a Ambassador. I’ve been one for almost a year, it’s a total blast. I’ve been lucky enough to test three different items. The good part about that is everything that I’ve tested is something that I have an interest in. There are MANY sampling sites out there. MOMS MEET RULES THEM ALL. =)

  • Suzanette

    just wanted to let moms meet know that i loved the moms meet webinar. It was so detailed, answered my questions and was run very well. Very professional site and wonderful message. Going green is the way to be. Now we need to educate other moms out there. Thank you moms meet!

  • sarahpenn33

    Thank you Moms Meet!

  • sarahpenn33

    Thanks Moms Meet! I had the best time with my friends at my Sweetleaf Stevia Sweetdrops Party!

  • angi

    Im new to this … I hope I get to meet everyone!

  • Sarah See

    I cannot wait for the xlear samples to arrive!! Right time of the year for our allergy prone family!

  • couponluv72

    i love the opportunites to try new things and share them with my Mom group!

  • Erica Tapola Fugate

    I LOVE the Earth’s Best diapers I received!!! and my friends did too!! It keeps a toddler DRY and COMFORTABLE a whole 12 hours!! WOW



  • Christina Swenson

    What an amazing opportunity to try non gmo foods! I just got accepted as a mom ambassador and am thrilled! It’s wonderful to know that our children will grow up trying all these great healthy foods and carry the memories of these brands into adulthood to become smart consumers!

  • Noelle Wilk

    Wanted to say thank you for this GREAT oppertunity.

  • suzie

    I am having the same problem :(

  • stayathomemommy143

    Hi everyone! Just came across this site, excited to explore and hopefully become a mom ambassador!

  • hmdiggs

    I was wondering if any one knew of a wrinkle resleaser like downey but with no smell?

  • Ida McCarty

    O Organics was such a hit with my moms group, that they are clamoring for more. Ironically Safeway had a fantastic sale on the salad bowls, because my group cleaned them out.

  • Carolina

    im new here and very ready to start sharing and reviewing new products to my friends and mom group i have they can’t wait and are excided like i am

  • Renee P.

    I just became a Mom Ambassador!! Can’t wait to get started!

  • Guito

    Kid’s are very important in our life

  • Stephanie Mckibbin

    I Would Love To Try

  • Milissa McNeil

    I am so stoked about the Unreal Candy party we have planed. I am so glad you decided to mail out the coupons.

  • Carolina

    so excited about it

  • Becca

    I absolutely LOVE being a Mom Ambassador! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try great new products and share them with my friends and family.

  • Kim

    Hi I am new here. Any pointers/

  • Angie Coley Mills

    well i am a grand mom ambassador i think it is even more encouraging to our grandchildren ‚because i have more time to spend with them and the benefit of hindsight. knowing how fast they truly grow up and not wanting to waste any time
    being a good example for them why they are still young enough to wont to listen.

  • Shirley Brittenum

    Angie, it is great that you want to help your grandchildren learn about living a healthy lifestyle. I would like to help my grandchild learn about eating healthy. Be encouraged to teach them that there is a better way.

  • Lexii Suprstizl Castelo

    How do you know if you have been approved to be a mom ambassador?

  • Amy

    How do I leave a review?

  • Rebecca Higden

    Hello to all. I have just registered to be a Mom Ambassador and after reading the comments here, I am happy that I have. I am looking forward to sharing and learning with everyone, as well as product sampling. From all the comments here, I would say that everyone seems to be having a great experience. I look forward to joining in the conversation. In fact, I am excited about it. Your comments have let me know that by joining this group, I have chosen well! Thank you for the positive energy!

  • Kristin

    Hi, I would love to join the Mom Ambassadors! I hear so much great things about this site! I am having several holiday parties coming up… please add me :)

  • Melissa

    I am a proud new Mom Ambassador! I am very excited to be able to try new products and connect with other moms, and/or dads that care about nutrition and over all well being of their children!! I love this site!!

  • Melissa

    How exciting!!

  • Melissa

    Yay!! Congrats!! I am super excited as well, this site is awesome!!

  • Theresa

    Hello Mom Ambassadors, I am a new Grandmother who hopes my years of living green and eating organic. .I love Stoneybrook yogurts and Bob’s Red Hill Products just to name a few will help me be a good example for my grandson..becoming a Mom Ambassador will work for me.
    Thank you.

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