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Mom Ambassadors

Meet our community of Moms and Influencers!

Moms Meet is a rapidly growing community of moms who are dedicated to raising a healthy and happy family. Our moms meet online and in groups across the country to learn about natural living and products like yours.

Get millions of impressions for your brand!

Our Moms Meet groups are available to review your products/services with their group members. Our Moms Meet Ambassadors are the influencers and change agents in their communities. They are the moms every company wants talking about their product because they’re active, passionate leaders who provide information to other moms through blogs, networking, moms groups, and more.

These influential moms will not only try your products and give you their opinions, but can become part of your fan base, spreading your message to their networks.

Moms Meet Facts

  • 62,000 Mom Ambassadors leading groups across the country
  • Reaching over 1.2 million moms.
  • 85% are between 25 and 39 years old
  • 95% share information with an existing network of moms
  • 95% belong to a social networking site

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Product reviews: Our moms will sample and review your products among their group members and provide feedback. Various survey/feedback options available.
  • Website advertising/sponsorship: Run banner ads, contests and promotions
  • Moms Meet e-newsletter advertising: Banner ads, editorial sponsorship
  • Moms Meet dedicated e-mail blast: Send your solo message to our moms
  • Moms Meet continuity program: Continue to talk to our moms even after your product review is completed.
  • Moms Meet blogger program: Have our mom bloggers review and write about your brand and products.

More Information

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