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Moms Try: What our moms are sampling

Try Zevia products

ZeviaCraving a soda is bound to happen. That sweet, bubbly, refreshing taste is just so satisfying. With smarter soda from Zevia, you can rest assured you are giving your family the bubbly drink they crave without all the bad stuff you want to protect them from. Zevia is happy to be the smarter soda with, no sugar, calories, or artificial anything! And with 15 delicious flavors to choose from, Zevia can keep everyone in your family happy.

Watch this video to get introduced to Zevia, and it's secret weapon–Stevia!
What's the difference between stevia and other artificial sweeteners? The answer is simple! View this clip to discover more.
Are artificial sweeteners created in a lab really okay for your health? Watch this video to learn more.
  • Brenda Webb

    What a great product idea, great way to cut calories!

  • ashley

    Zevia is a great brand! I love the cream soda and the dr. zevia

  • ashley

    ginger ale was not as tasty and the grapefruit citrus was a little too strange for my groups taste buds

  • ashley

    oh and the pack it freezer bag is great!

  • ashley

    thx so much for the cooler! I use it as a lunch bag when i am at school all day. lasts about 4 hrs

  • letitroll

    great alternative to regular soda

  • Tamber

    yummy flavors

  • Nan

    When you tried this soda, you will never try any other one after.

  • Michelle M

    Would love to share with my group. Hope to get picked!

  • FDR2

    I just filled out the application for sampling Zevia Zero Calorie Soda and I sure hope our group is lucky enough to be picked for this great opportunity!! I personally have been using a baking form of Stevia (the sweetner in Zevia) in my iced tea but was not aware there was a soda out there. I am excited to try Zevia and would relish the opportunity to share it with our whole group and children (with no hyperactivity lol). It would be my first Mom’s Meet experience and I’m really looking forward to it.

  • Teathe Crazychick

    I hope I get to try zevia with my group this time.

  • darlene

    I heard a lot of good things about Zevia Zero Calorie Soda but have not as of yet tried it. I applied to sample product in past but wasn’t picked for it, just applied again and hope this time to get in. My group and I only drink diet soda and pretty much have been stuck on same old flavor and would love to try different flavor’s!

  • tam childers

    Love the recipes

  • Joy

    This looks delicious! I really like the variety of flavors Zevia offers! Would love to try them :)

  • @weareofficially

    I noticed a post saying they already got the sample 7 months ago. Oh well, maybe this is a new opportunity. I am so excited to try and share this healthy drink with my friends who are getting tired of regular sodas. Tastier than water coming their way! :)

  • TabithaCarman

    I was able to try the rootbeer several months ago. I was pretty impressed! (Hubby wasn’t quite so much. lol) I’m thankful that there is something 0 calorie out there that I can turn to when I have a soda craving! I’ve been off of the aspartame since April, and I can honestly say I notice a difference in the way I feel! :)

  • Cherylyn Perley Pacheco

    I hope we are chosen for this.

  • cindie

    I haven’t had soda in years, and I avoid anything that has artificial sweeteners. I have always been skeptical of stevia, but the video makes me want to try this product.

  • Bonnie Stone

    Even though I have been selected to try this product it sounds great and refreshing with how healthy and green it is!! My son and friends kids will love to try this as a way to drink new and just plain and simple SODA like drink!!

  • letitroll

    better than other brands of soda

  • Elaine White

    Great story! Another reason I

  • Gina

    Hoping to get in on this event, knowing it’s soda this is a store pick up item i hope my area has this store. I myself have heard a lot about Zevia Zero Calorie Soda! What i didn’t know is that it came in so many flavors! Like they say the more you know right? Anyway i was looking through previous users experiences and I gotta say not only am i impressed about the product but also in disbelief! i can’t believe all the healthy factors it hold! Nice, nice, and excellent.

  • Samantha Vannetter

    I loved the daft that Zevia is teamed up with the American diabetes association

  • nicole alt

    I really hope that I get to sample this with my moms group! Love Zevia Cream Soda.… YUMMMMY!

  • nicole alt

    We love the cream soda!

  • nicole alt

    Great job!!!

  • courtney gibson

    I have heard so many great things about this product and i cant wait until i go to the store next and pick up some of the Zevia cream soda:)

  • Heather Stanley

    Cannot wait to try this with my group!! Best thing is the timing, my sons birthday falls on our next group meet!!!

  • Tina A

    I am so excited about Zevia. The best part is the variety of flavors without all the sugar. Now I can drink something else besides water.

  • Kristin

    Having a party soon in few weeks. I would love to serve Zevia.…how can I get in on this offer?

  • Melissa

    Great Video!

  • Melissa

    I am super excited that I was chosen to sample Zevia, I have never heard of it nor have I seen it before I saw it listed on Moms Meet, this is a wonderful opportunity and I am so excited I can hardly sleep!!

  • RM

    This will be a great sampling opportunity for our group.

  • Teresa Reese

    I loved the ginger ale, and cola. I can never find the orange one tho, My guess is that its one of their best sellers.

  • Kim Cubio

    Wow! That is great!!!

  • Kim Cubio

    I never got picked to try these out but I did review them on my blog by asking the company. I did like them, however, I might not drink it again. Unless I find different flavors.

  • Jennifer M

    Even though i hardly even drink any kind of soda, i’m super excited for this! Zero carbs is just great :)

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